LIVE NOW: FaZe Clan are competing in the Semi-Final at StarSeries' $300,000 CS:GO event!…

2017-04-09 09:15:00

.@OfficialANGE1 holds the line with a 3k

2017-04-09 09:34:09

Karrigan's 30 frags put FaZe Clan up 1-0, and we are now only one map win away from advancing to the StarSeries CS:…

2017-04-09 10:09:24

.@bondik_hr ACE

2017-04-09 10:45:18

.@DeadFoxcsgo snipes down four on the defense

2017-04-09 11:05:53

FINALISTS, AGAIN: For a second straight Premier event since our addition of NiKo, FaZe CS:GO are headed to the Gran…

2017-04-09 11:23:42