We are about to start! #GONAVI #ELEAGUEPremier

2018-07-22 18:07:49

It's time for some @ELEAGUETV! Time for revenge over @natusvincere. Our group in Atlanta begins now. WATCH 📺…

2018-07-22 18:10:21

We are dropping the third map and it's 2:1 in the series. Come to cheer us up on the fourth map! #GONAVI 📺:…

2018-07-22 18:12:33

RT @PaladinsPro: With fire and fury @Mutustiina returns a triple kill favour to help Na'Vi defend with a teamwipe! #PPL @natusvincere vs @…

2018-07-22 18:26:50

Meanwhile, our CS squad starting their battle at the @ELEAGUETV Premier! Facing @FNATIC in a bo3 series and de_mira…

2018-07-22 18:32:16

We are almost there as we are taking the fourth map. Give us your energy to end this series in our favor! #GONAVI…

2018-07-22 18:37:58

RT @PaladinsPro: Game 5 is kicking off, and the draft is locked...with a Moji? 🤔 @natusvincere vs @Envy 📺 https:…

2018-07-22 18:41:51

@NiPGaming @FACEIT @OpTicGaming @GeT_RiGhTcs @f0restCS @REZcsgo @Lekr0cs @denniscsgod @pitaCSGO @csgo_dev GJ Ninjas!

2018-07-22 18:52:42

We are losing the 5th map. Check out the picks and come to cheer us up on the next one! #GONAVI 📺:…

2018-07-22 18:58:31

He's getting better and better this season. Now, @ShakzLDN is ready for the top 8 at #VSF2018! STREAM 📺…

2018-07-22 19:01:50

That was a fierce battle for the trophy of the Paladins Summer Finals and we're taking it after a 4:2 series! GJ, b…

2018-07-22 19:19:46


2018-07-22 19:26:24

RT @PaladinsPro: A huge congratulations to @natusvincere as they take down the formidable @Envy to win their third international LAN event…

2018-07-22 19:29:30

RT @NAVIHarisPilton: Great job once again boys!!!@Mutustiina @creativs2 @Faenex @_spunkki @La1zy @N1ghtEnd

2018-07-22 19:30:05

RT @_spunkki: 🎉🏆

2018-07-22 19:32:43

RT @N1ghtEnd: I'm absolutely proud of my team, we got the 3rd trophy and it feels amazing to go to vacation at this point! Thanks @Envy f…

2018-07-22 19:32:57

Well, that was close but we are ending the first map 16:13 in our favor! de_inferno is coming up next. #GONAVI 📺:…

2018-07-22 19:35:06

RT @Faenex: YES! Our third international LAN win this year, incredibly proud of my team we all did amazing and thanks for an amazing final…

2018-07-22 19:36:40

RT @HLTVorg: .@flamieCS topped the scoreboard on Mirage with 102.8 ADR Stats: #CSGOPremier

2018-07-22 19:41:58

RT @Mutustiina: We won another lan and it was finally my time to get the MVP title:) thank you everyone for the support and ggs to everyone…

2018-07-22 19:49:18

RT @ELEAGUETV: The President Elect-ronic.

2018-07-22 19:49:52

The second map against @FNATIC at the @ELEAGUETV Premier is LIVE! Come to cheer our boys up! #GONAVI 📺:…

2018-07-22 19:50:41

RT @ELEAGUETV: Na'Vi Seals secret training videos. #WeWillNeverStopPostingTheseSeals

2018-07-22 19:59:48

RT @SkillshotMedia: We just crowned @natusvincere the Paladins Summer Finals champions! Congratulations on your hard-fought victory! http…

2018-07-22 20:09:27

Our Paladins have done an excellent work and as a result we are holding the Paladins Summer Finals trophy and as a…

2018-07-22 20:19:21

Always improving - what a season this man's having! 🇬🇧🇬🇧

2018-07-22 20:44:21

The second map goes to @FNATIC as they overpower us with 11:16 score. Going to play de_train next. 📺:…

2018-07-22 20:46:44

Let's end this split on a high note. Keep your fingers crossed and cheer us up! 📺:…

2018-07-22 21:01:39

34 kills. 13 deaths. This @drakenCSGO guy is pretty good. MAP 3 v @natusvincere 📺

2018-07-22 21:02:38

34 kills. 13 deaths. This @drakenCSGO guy is pretty good. MAP 3 v @natusvincere 📺

2018-07-22 21:03:36

A nice way to start the map as @flamieCS taps down three in the first pistol round on de_train! #GONAVI 📺:…

2018-07-22 21:10:08

A perfect 3K by @EdwardCSGOD! #GONAVI 📺: #csgo #ELEAGUEPremier

2018-07-22 21:28:01

RT @ELEAGUETV: We finally saw the final form of @natusvincere, and they take the match!

2018-07-22 22:01:52