Australia Women

Leagues Played
Olympics 2020 Softball - Women 5
Related Teams
Olympics 2020 Softball - Women 07/26 11:00 - Mexico Women v Australia Women 4-1
Olympics 2020 Softball - Women 07/24 23:58 - Australia Women v USA Women 0-0
Olympics 2020 Softball - Women 07/23 23:56 - Australia Women v Canada Women 1-7
Olympics 2020 Softball - Women 07/22 05:46 - Italy Women v Australia Women 0-1
Olympics 2020 Softball - Women 07/20 23:58 - Australia Women v Japan Women 1-8

The Australia women's national softball team, also known as the Aussie Spirit, or the Dingeroos, is the national softball team of Australia. It is governed by Softball Australia and takes part in international softball competitions. They are one of Australia's most successful women's sporting teams on the world stage, and they have achieved outstanding results over the last 3 decades. Alongside the USA team, the Aussie Spirit are the only other team to medal at all 4 Olympics that softball was included as a sport in the Olympics program. At the inaugural Women's Softball World Championship held in Melbourne, 1965. Australia claimed the first ever title, winning Gold and stamped themselves as a pioneer in the sport.